Awesome Features

Idol is the first social networking app used for real-time connections, allowing its users to exchange contact information and social media profiles instantly.

Connect Hand-to-Hand

Connect Hand-to-Hand

- Try to imagine how many times you have entered your number in someone's phone, repeatedly spelling your name or number to enter your information, or had to recall the name or number you used to contact a specific person because you only entered the first name or don't have a picture for facial recognition. Whether you use a file system like a rolodex or a digital storage mechanism on a phone or tablet, traditional storage systems can lack critical information, aren't actively updated, and aren't always organized how you may like. It can be an extremely cumbersome task to manage these systems and have the information on-hand if necessary.

IdolApp is changing the way we connect. Our platform uses QR Code technology to transfer information that you link, and approve, for sharing with other users. When one user scans the QR Code of another user, a Social ID Card is traded between those users.

What is Social ID?

- In a time when people are continuously networking, the way we connect with each other is changing. Business cards are becoming a thing of the past and people can’t seem to keep up with 5 or 6 different social media sites. That is why we created Idol. By creating an account with us, all of your contact information is stored on one Social ID page.

Your Social ID may include: Name, Profile Picture, Birthday, Email, Phone Number, Location, Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Snapchat.

If you don’t want to share certain private accounts or contact information with someone, simply toggle OFF the share function in your Settings (See FAQ).

The Way of the Future

- Idol is going to change how we exchange our contact and social media information in real time. Many people meet, exchange phone numbers or business cards, then search for social media profiles or fail to follow-up at all. Idol is making this process simpler, faster, and more efficient for the everyday person to exchange not only contact information, but also their social identities with just a scan.

IdolApp gives you the newest, fastest way to brand and share your business and personal information with a free Social ID account. Start connecting today at your School, Work, Conventions, Night Life, or any other Social Event.